Monday, April 30, 2012

Indy Food Critic Evergreen Chinese restaurant review

Today from now I just did a review on a Chinese restaurant over on State Ave in Kansas City, Ks where I live. It is close to two other Chinese restaurants those one's have buffets. But this one didn't have a buffet. Dine in serve fast food kind of place that has a drive threw. Do give you enough food. Didn't really care much for it. More authentic Chinese then American Chinese that I like. Gave that one a lower rate pretty much like the last review on Isle of Capri Buffet. Only two Evergreen place's I saw are in the Wyandotte county. The one I ate at  over on State Ave in Kansas City, Ks and one over in Bonner Springs, Ks that is where Papa Bob's is at. Pr ably looks like it's a family run place. Beside's it might be Chinese Mafia own. I got the they the same with China Buffets. Did a review with a Japanese Robe and a Asian villager hat. Did had chop sticks. I really do yous chop stick when I have something Asian in away of food. Not really the best place I would want to go.

                                              This is the Pitcher what I am like in the review 

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For Now Keep on Eating!

(Let you know this place is no longer their any more)

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