Sunday, July 29, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Applebees Re-Review and other Applebee's reviews

                          This is the re-review

                                        Quesadilla Burger review months ago of this year

                           The First Applebee's review back in 2009 was the one in my home town of Council Bluffs, Ia

                                    This was I us for the Things I want back at Applebee's Blog

Yesterday from now I just did Applebee's re-review. Even doe I had said that I wont do any more reviews. Well do review's on the things I had their. I don't get many suggestions of the place's you want me to review on. Couple of the one's where the one's that want me to do Applebee's review. Mostly every body likes Applebee's. They are a major chain place's that always change things on their menu. When I was their they no longer have the fried green tomato sandwich. Now have a Brushchetta chicken sandwich. Instead of the brushchetta burger they once have. That was one of the things I wanted it back. Didn't have it when I was their. But they don't serve it with the side of Garlic fries. Had the green bean fries as a appetizer. But not going to tell much about what I had. You can just watch the review. Applebee's is mostly a big chain place that almost every where has them. Everybody goes to them. Trying to fine place's I haven't been to before to do reviews on. Just upload the re-review on YouTube it is not getting any views right now. Just going to do most of them on here in stead. But Remember something I am my own food critic for now keep on eating!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Italian place's in Kansas City and Cupini's video review

In the the last blog meant to put down their are other two Italian place's in Omaha I been to that are long time traditional. One was Angie's ate their long ago. It's a Steak and Italian place but they are really pricey. Their is another but don't remember the name to well but it starts with a C. It is the same like Sam's Italian Villa and Pizza King. Italian Steak House are the most long time tradition in Omaha since all way back in 1920's. But their are one's I haven't been to when I was living their.


Now I am living in Kansas City right now. Most of the Italian place's I been to here are mostly chain place's. Besides Cupini's it is a family run Italian place that is what the video review is. Only Ate their once back in Feb of this year. Can't really do a rank up Italian place's in KC. Since I was looking for major chain place's. Cupini's would be the only one on that list. Their are Traditional non chain Italian place's here in Kansas City. But I haven't been to any of them yet. I did found out their is one in downtown KC,K called Felitza's Fine Italian Cuisine. Do serve Toasted Ravioli's. I do love toasted ravioli's. Their is a Italian Buffet over in Overland Park, KS called Cinzzetti's been wanting to go their for a long time. They are high on price for one person but some one say it's worth it. Italian place I been going to the most is Johnny Carion's on a Monday night for their family night. It is mostly like Carrabba's and Olive Garden. That is the Italian place I like here in KC so far. Did ate at The Olive Garden couple of times over at Legends in Kansas City, Ks. never really had a good meal at that one. Did went to a Carrabba's once here in the KC area. Not as good as the one I been going to back when I was still living in Omaha Area.     

This is the review on Cupini's back in Feb of this year

Those are the Italian place's I went to so far in the Kansas City Area I hope I go to some more to do reviews on as Indy Food Critic. Do went to some of the more Traditional KC place's I well do a top Italian Place's in the Kansas City Area. Their are is another Italian place in Kansas City, Mo over at Zona Rosa want to do but I might put that down for another blog or If I go their do a review on it. Going other kinds of food related stuff soon. Remember Something I am my own food Critic and for now keep on eating.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Top 5 Italian restaurants in the Omaha Area

I always did like Italian food. Nothing like toasted ravioli's for a appetizer and spaghetti and meat balls for the main cores. Their are some good Italian place's in the Omaha Area. Why I'm I doing restaurants in Omaha if I like in Kansas City. Because the Omaha area was the place I was from. Got memory's of going to some of those place's. OK on this list I am going to rank up has one place that is close but worth telling about. Got two in Council Bluffs, Ia my home town it happens to be in the Omaha Metro area just cross the river from Omaha Nebraska. Those place's are going to be more of a long time Omaha tradition place's. No meager chain place's like Carrabba's and The Olive Garden. 

                                  Pitcher of toasted ravioli's thew place's on this list serves them  

1, Malar's Italian restaurant: I always like this place for the best Italian food. That has really good toasted ravioli's. The best place that serves them do get them for a appetizer. Spaghetti noodles taste like their home made made out of scratch. With the meat ball's that are big. It is a small Neighborhood Italian place over in South Omaha. I always in up going their on a Friday night since I was 13 years old. This one is one of the Italian place's that I think might be Mafia own.  

2, Sam's Italian Villa (Council Bluffs, Ia): This place been around for a long time on Broadway in my home town of Council Bluffs, Ia. Discover it back when I was in high school. I been going their allot have their meat ball sandwich. It was like are locale place to go. Last time I ate their was a thew day's before I move to KC. That was before my friend tolled me got remold and took over by a new owner now. But I only ate their before that happen.

3, Spaghetti Works: You can get all you can eat Spaghetti diner with different kinds of pasta noodles and two kinds of sauce with a salad bar with a reasonable price. It has old fashion look to it. With old things you probably might fine in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Their are other location's in Lincoln and Des Moines. Not really a big chain place to make it on this list. The one over at The Old Market in Downtown Omaha. Is the one I go to the most.

4, Mister C's: This place is no longer open. It was another place I know the best when it came to Toasted Ravioli's. Had been their for over 50 years. Old fashion family kind of place. Where the food was all right. Had the look of a outside Italian Venice patio look. Where they have Christmas lights all year round. Last time I was their Mister C him self was their the owner of this place. Who comes great and entertain the family. With the chain place's and the casino's over in Council Bluffs had ethic to this place to be closed for good. But the building is still probably their in North Omaha.

5, Pizza King (Council Bluffs, Ia): Another place in Council Bluffs. That do serves pretty good food. Where they have their pizza cute in to squares then in triangles like most place's have them. Has the miss tilde like if it was a just like a pizzeria place. But it is not. Do serve alcohol sea food and Steak. Mostly one's who lives in Council Bluffs goes to this place. Not a whole lot had change at this place.

Those where the top 5 Italian restaurants in the Omaha area. You can go to them to them if you are in that area. Excited for Mister C's it's closed now. Now living in Kansas City haven't really ate much at their none chain place Italian restaurants excited for one a Family own kind of place in Mid town Kansas City, Mo. Did a review on it on my YouTube Channel. Most of the one's I been going right now are Johnny's Corina's and a Olive Garden. I well probably go to one I found in Downtown Kansas City, Kansas soon. Remember something I am my own food critic and For now keep on eating!     

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vogel and Rosa: Two Red Tail Hawks

This is a pitcher of Vogel a red tail hawk we yous to have

Vogel had been the first and longest bird we ever had. Between 1999-2010 right now she is back in to the wild where she came cot her from since when she was a juvenile red tail. Vogel happen's to be German for bird of prey. Had her been training her. Taking her out rabbit hunting. Taking her to SCA event to show her off. Same with the other birds we have. Their was one year when dad took her out hunting she found a dead body. He just pack her up and went to the close's gas stain called the police about it. Made it on the news paper. Most people. Where asking about it. The Body they found was just a druggy bum. My parent's got to attach to her. Keep her for a long time. When we take her to SCA event's started to fold her wings out to take a pitcher of her. She really like's the media. Thinks she is a diva and a goddess. Bring her with us same with the other birds. In 2010 when dad was flying her she just went back to the wild. Since we keep her to long and spoiled her. Now she is living happily as a wild red tail. But she well be remember.

                                       This is pitcher of Rosa the red tail we have right now

Rosa not really much to write about. My parent's do probably do have a lot to say about her. Same with Vogel we cot her from the wild as a juvenile red tail. Do fly her to be train. Do take her out hunting for rabbit's Show do bring her to SCA event's to show her off. We cot her from the wild back in 2010 month's later when Vogel went back to the wild since then she is the current red tail we have right now as with the other birds.

Just did a blog on each of the bird's we have or had. Might be doing other falconry related blogs some time soon. I know I did lift out other things I didn't put in their. But maybe for another blog. Be doing other things as well on here but for Now keep on fallowing!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Once in awhile I well do a movie review that I had seen. Yesterday from now I had went to see The Amazing Spider-Man at the AMC on North Berry road over on the Mo side of Kansas City. Been 10 years back from the first Spider-Man movie came out. Did thought it was to early for some kind of remake. Did rather have another squeal with a different guy to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. In this version it takes on a different kind of story of Spider-Man. Did kinda explained a bit about Peter's parents. Gwen Stacy as Peters love interest instead of M.J. in it. Has The lizard as the villein in the movie. Had the split personalty like The Green Goblin from the first Spider-Man movie. It is a longer movie that has more grown up like then something for kids. Last Spider-Man movies had the webbing part of his powers. But this one has the same as the comics and the old cartoons where his webbing is from his wrist that he made from his since mine of his. I pretty much did like it. Made it up from Spider-Man 3 that I don't care really that much. It's worth going to see. for this movie I 1 out of 5 I give it a 4 out of 5. I well do some movie reviews once in while. Might have plan's on doing one on The Dark Knight Rises. Some time when it is out after when I saw it. Be doing other things on here as well for now Keep on watching!  

Let you know I just upload a 12Th night video footage from 2009 a big event in the SCA Since last Friday on my YouTube Channel.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Top 7 water rides I want to go on

If you where at Amusement park on a really hot day. You probably you well probably be going on the water rides at the park. I always did like going on those water rides from a log ride to a river rapids ride. Had did two blogs on the roller coasters I been on now I am going to rank up the the 7. Why 7 because those are the one's I can think up. Mostly in amusement parks not really water parks. No water slides on this one. That is going to be another blog soon.

1, Pilgrime Plunge at Holiday World (Santa Claus, IN): It is at a theme park that uses a Holidays as it's theme's. Beside's their roller coaster's their I want to go on. But Pilgrime Plunge has the largest drop. Being left by a elevator. Instead of a left. Makes the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studio's looks like a kiddie ride. Besides it dose not have Dinosaurs on this ride.

2, Journey to Atlantis at Sea World (Orlando, FL): I had been to Sea world over in San Diego. But they didn't had it over in San Diego when I was their doing that year when it came out on the same year when I went. It is a water roller coaster star's of with a dark ride look thew Atlantis then the rest is like a water roller coaster. Even doe they have a version like this over the one in San Diego. But the one over in Orlando looks better.

3, Kali River Rapids at Disney's Animal Kingdom (Orlando, FL): Now another one in Orlando. It happen's to be in a Disney world park. It is River Rapids ride. I always do like going on them. Where it has the look of going on the Kali River over in India clam this one you get the wet the most.

4, Escape from Pompeii at Busch Gardens (Williamsburg, VA): I always do wanted to go to a Busch Gardens park. It starts off like a dark ride retracing the volcano disaster happen in Pompeii. With a lot of flames and ended with a drop. 

5, Grizzly River Run at Disney California Adventure (Anaheim, CA): Mountain shape like a Grizzly. Where you look like you are going threw the pines over in northern California. In this one they can u just the seating's for different seasons for this ride.  

6, Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knott's Berry Farm (Buena Park, CA): Besides that I menchen that I want to go on Ghost Rider. This one is another best known log ride where it has a lumber mill theme. In Halloween it has witches to scare you and in Christmas time it has a Christmas them to it.

7, Adventure Canyon Log Flum at Buffalo Bill's Resort and Casino (Primm, Nevada): This is the only one of this list is not in a actual amusement park. Goes out side has a drop in the beginning go threw inside has full of stuff animals in it. Goes threw the casino.

Those are the water rides I want to go on that I can think up. I well be doing some more blogs soon for now Keep on Riding!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Chili's Review

                                           This is the left overs what I had at Chili's

I been meting to do a video review on Chili's one of the other place's similar to Applebees. Right now just doing the reviews on publish here on Liem's Blogs for now. Today from now ate at The Chili's over at Legends in Kansas City, Ks. Was close for a long time just we open it at the same place right next to Long Horn. Always know that Chili's is a southwestern kind of Applebees place. That serves some American and some Mex. Started off with a thing of chips and salsa. Had a habit of keep on eating it. Since it was a endless bowl the chips where good freshly made. The Salsa was OK. The serves was kinda slow. The Mane thing I had was Big Mouth Bits there own way of Sliders. You know mini burgers. Came with four with fries and onion pills. The four burgers where pretty good a bit of meaty taste. Had bit's of bacon and onions on it. Not as good as the Mini's at Ruby Tuesday's but it was a lot better then the Roadies at Logan's Roadhouse that was my last review that I did and it happens to be the same kind of thing I had there sorta of. Onion pills where really good. Fries where pretty good. Just like the kinds you get at place's like this. Big Mouth Bits where good just something I well get once in a while if I go their. I mostly will stick with the Smokehouse Burger their. Pretty much liking Chili's better then Applebee's right now. Dose not have the best menu opposition's. But the good id pretty good. For Chili's 1 out of 5 I give it a 4 out of 5. I well be doing some more Indy Food Critic reviews on places I ate at soon. I probably be back doing video reviews soon.     Just upload another video with my parents Kestrel on my Channel. Also Remember something I am my own food Critic and For Now Keep On Eating!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Me into Rock Band (Video Game)

                                    This is me with Rock Band Guitar Finder. Back in 2010

           This is me playing Rock Band Guitar. It is download song All the small thing by Blink-182

Going to talk a bit about the entreat in the Rock Band games. I now you are going to say that is so 2000's. Still do play it once in a while a quick play. Got into it back around Christmas 2008. When I got the white drums for the one on Wii. That was for Rock Band. Did wanted the drums for Guitar Hero: World Tour. Since they went to the same idea of playing all the interments as Rock Band. Didn't had the drums sold separately. Got the Rock Band drums instead. Didn't came with no game. The day after Christmas bout the first Rock Band game. Even doe the 2ND game was all ready out. Then I became the drummer on the game Rock Band and a Guitarist on Guitar Hero's. Most of the time was still into playing Guitar Hero games since Guitar or Bass what I did the best on. Still remand on Guitar Hero's. Then on Christmas 2009 I wanted Rock Band 2 the game and the Guitar Fender for it. Got it for Christmas mom work hard on finding the Rock Band 2 Guitar that is the pitcher of me playing with it. Now was into playing Guitar or Bass in the Rock Band games. It was like the same way with Guitar Hero's with the Guitar. 2010 Christmas I got Rock Band 3 with the Keyboard controller. I play it once in a while you can play Guitar and Bass on it. The song I play the most for Keyboard is Cold as Ice. With that game had Pro Guitar where they had Pro Guitar. Where it looks like a real one where it has the strings on it. Instead of the buttons on it. But I don't have it. Got The Beatles Rock Band that one game out before Rock Band 3. In September 2011 bout a mic controller that is mostly all kinds of sinning video games. It dose work on both Rock Band and Guitar Hero games I got on Wii. Now Have most of the things to play as a whole band right now. On my B-Day and Christmas 2011 had some of the old Rock Band games came out before Rock Band 3 had. Now the music games are retired. Don't even know if a Rock Band 4 is coming out. Now the games are getting pretty old. Yous most of the songs and Idea for those games. Now every body rather be playing a real band instrument. Then playing a plastic one. Found out there is another Rock Band out soon or now. Called Rock Band Blitz mostly a Download from PlayStation Network and X-Box Live. Where they don't yous the plastic instruments. It is only for one player looks like DJ Hero never well play and Rock Band Unplugged that I got for PSP. Had did meany blogs on Guitar Hero's and Rock Band on My Myspace to my Facebook page. Got pitcher of it on my Facebook page. Right now I well play it once in a while kinda the only video game really into right now. Every thing has all most something to tell about. For Now Keep on Rockin!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Top 4 foods I want on the 4Th of July

This is from the left overs at Famous Dave's while back.

Today is America's birthday it's the of July from now on this blog. On this day want all american food and something out their on the grill. Doing the 4 things I want to have on this day. No Chinese food on a day like this. pick 4 because that is what all the things I want to have I think up.

1, All BBQ Feast: I want all kinds of things that is BBQ from Ribs, Beef Brisket, Roasted Chicken, Smoke  sausages and Pull pork. Want it all been grill, Smoke and roasted dose not really mater if it's how it's cook want it all. Pretty much like that all American feat at Famous Dave's.

2, Burger: Most of the time on this day want some form of burger. Wanted it from a grill. Have American or Swiss cheese with bacon and BBQ sauce. Have it with fires. Their is some that do make peanut butter burgers on this day. For now  not really into having it much right now.

3, Brots: I do like to have some brots on the grill or cook in beer. To get a beer flavor. Want a beer with them also. Kind would want are Jacksonville. All ways need to have some form of a brot in the summer time.

4, Hot Dogs: All ways want hot dogs during  this time of year. Want it with chili with cheese on it. If it's beef or pork dogs. That is one of the eating competitions I want to compete in. They have the Coney Island competition on this day of the 4Th of July eating up those world famous Nathans  hot dogs.Show it on ESPEN.Asian guy all ways wens but he is retired now. Want a Nathans hot dog right now. Right after I when go on the Cyclone.

Those are the 4 things I want on the 4Th of July to have to celebrate America's birthday. Want it before you watch or light your own Fireworks show. Remember something I am my own food critic. For Now Keep on Eating and Have a Happy 4Th of July.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Logan's Roadhouse Review

Right now I am doing my Indy Food Critic reviews on here right now since it dose not have high views on YouTube right now. Save's on storage from my laptop. Been doing Indy Food Critic for a long time. Since back in 2009. Been sticking with it for a long time.   Now on the review went to Logan's Roadhouse over by Legends in Kansas City, Kansas. Been open probably since about May of this year. Something that looks like a Lone Star and Texas Roadhouse where they do have a thing of peanuts at your table. Dose not yous much of Texan and Cowboy stuff their it's more of American Roadhouse look. Started out with a Appetizer. Had three wings with it. Buffalo wings, onion petals and Fried mushroom's don't had any of the fried mushroom's.. The buffalo wings where OK a bit tiny. The onion petals where OK also. The main thing I got was the Original Roadies. They are three small cheeseburgers had them with fries. They where on the butter rolls they serve to you. Burgers taste like the burger shots at Burger King. The service was not really the best. It ha pen's to be more of a Texas Roadhouse Knock-off. Had better meals and service at Lone Star Saloon and Steakhouse and Texas Roadhouse. Their is no rush coming back to this place. For Logan's Roadhouse 1 out of 5 I give it a 1 out of 5. I well be doing some more place's to review on to see the other Indy food Critic's on YouTube right now. Still do some other kind's of video's on my YouTube channel as well. Remember something I am my own food critic. For Now Keep on Eating!

(Update right now Logan's Roadhouse did a review at is closed)

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