Thursday, July 5, 2012

Me into Rock Band (Video Game)

                                    This is me with Rock Band Guitar Finder. Back in 2010

           This is me playing Rock Band Guitar. It is download song All the small thing by Blink-182

Going to talk a bit about the entreat in the Rock Band games. I now you are going to say that is so 2000's. Still do play it once in a while a quick play. Got into it back around Christmas 2008. When I got the white drums for the one on Wii. That was for Rock Band. Did wanted the drums for Guitar Hero: World Tour. Since they went to the same idea of playing all the interments as Rock Band. Didn't had the drums sold separately. Got the Rock Band drums instead. Didn't came with no game. The day after Christmas bout the first Rock Band game. Even doe the 2ND game was all ready out. Then I became the drummer on the game Rock Band and a Guitarist on Guitar Hero's. Most of the time was still into playing Guitar Hero games since Guitar or Bass what I did the best on. Still remand on Guitar Hero's. Then on Christmas 2009 I wanted Rock Band 2 the game and the Guitar Fender for it. Got it for Christmas mom work hard on finding the Rock Band 2 Guitar that is the pitcher of me playing with it. Now was into playing Guitar or Bass in the Rock Band games. It was like the same way with Guitar Hero's with the Guitar. 2010 Christmas I got Rock Band 3 with the Keyboard controller. I play it once in a while you can play Guitar and Bass on it. The song I play the most for Keyboard is Cold as Ice. With that game had Pro Guitar where they had Pro Guitar. Where it looks like a real one where it has the strings on it. Instead of the buttons on it. But I don't have it. Got The Beatles Rock Band that one game out before Rock Band 3. In September 2011 bout a mic controller that is mostly all kinds of sinning video games. It dose work on both Rock Band and Guitar Hero games I got on Wii. Now Have most of the things to play as a whole band right now. On my B-Day and Christmas 2011 had some of the old Rock Band games came out before Rock Band 3 had. Now the music games are retired. Don't even know if a Rock Band 4 is coming out. Now the games are getting pretty old. Yous most of the songs and Idea for those games. Now every body rather be playing a real band instrument. Then playing a plastic one. Found out there is another Rock Band out soon or now. Called Rock Band Blitz mostly a Download from PlayStation Network and X-Box Live. Where they don't yous the plastic instruments. It is only for one player looks like DJ Hero never well play and Rock Band Unplugged that I got for PSP. Had did meany blogs on Guitar Hero's and Rock Band on My Myspace to my Facebook page. Got pitcher of it on my Facebook page. Right now I well play it once in a while kinda the only video game really into right now. Every thing has all most something to tell about. For Now Keep on Rockin!

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