Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Top 8 Nintendo Wii games I have

 The Nintendo Wii was a last Gen gaming system came out back in 2006 where it is known having for motion controllers. Got about 8 games from Nintendo that was on the Wii that I got. Let you know this are the ones from Nintendo then on any other game system. They are the ones I got if might not always have a game you like that you have their the one's I got I pretty much like.   
1, Super Mario Galaxy
2, Super Smash Bros. BRAWL
3, Mariokart Wii
4, Wii Sports
5, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
6, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
7, Link's Crossbow Training
8, Donkey Kong Country Returns
Most of those are the games from Nintendo I have for Wii. Now today from now we are in new gen game systems now for Nintendo it is the Wii U HD gaming with a touch screen controller. Wii well probably be a classic game system sitting some where in your home might still be played like NES, Super Nintendo and N64. Let you know the views are been really low on my post's please comment on it if you want me to still do those post's or make some improvements. For now keep on viewing! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Independent Food Critic: Jose Pepper's

 Today from now I ate at Jose Pepper's Border Grill & Cantina over in the Legends outlet in Kansas City, Ks. Where the Outback Steakhouse was at. Jose Pepper's is a border Tex Mex place always served a thing of chips and salsa. What I had was a combination with a chicken enchiladas and a crispy taco served with rice and beans. It was not really the best enchilada was OK and the taco used shredded beef then grind beef with seasoning. Bean's where kind of a bit over cooked. Mostly like this place is more to having their way of frozen Mexican foods at a grocery store. What I got did not seem much? Mostly like the chips and salsa the best. For now the Mexican place I just go for in the Kansas City Area is El Mexican CafĂ© in Bonner Springs, Ks the this place. 1 out of 5 I give it a 2 out of 5. Probably do some more reviews soon. Remember something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Independent Food Critic: Top 5 Pizza place's I eat the most

Been doing something like this before for a while ranking up the top pizza places a few times before. Pizza is Italian mostly commonly eating in the US. Goes good with some beer and wings. More times I rank up the top pizza place's I like the best know ranking up the top 5 pizza place's I eat the most.

1, Papa Johns

2, Godfather's

3, Valentino's

4, Pizza Hut

5, Pizza Ranch

Those are mostly the place for pizza I eat at the most. You probably have your own place for pizza you eat at the most. For now keep on eating!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Top 9 Guitar Hero video games

Pitchers of Guitar Hero games I got.

Had ranked up the top Guitar Hero games don't have now going to rank up the one's I do have. Even doe I have a Rock Band game in the pitcher. Let you know no Rock Band games on this list that well be another list for now it is Guitar Hero games do have some that are not full game sequels no Guitar Hero Van Halen that was on the other list of the GH games I don't have.

1, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

2, Guitar Hero World Tour

3, Guitar Hero 5

4, Guitar Hero Aerosmith

5, Guitar Hero II

6, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

7, Guitar Hero Metallica

8, Guitar Hero Encore Rock the 80's

9, Guitar Hero

Those are the Guitar Hero games I have that I ranked up even doe it is since 2011 ever stop making them but I am still pretty much into playing them probably are some do still play those games today. For now keep on Rockin!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Independent Food Critic: Five Guys

This is the first review of February of this year from now. Today for lunch ate at Five Guys Burgers and Fries over in the Legends outlet in Kansas City, Ks. Had a Cheeseburger with fries and a drink cast over $10. Had like a hand full of home style fries a bit way to much. The cheeseburger is a double mostly a small burger is a single. The burger was pretty good not really I remember if the burgers where bigger then the last time ever ate their. The burgers where good maybe not the big gave me plenty of home styled French fries. It's still pretty pricey for a form of a fast food burger place. Has Coke a Cola freestyle machines. Mostly ever body goes their for the free peanuts. For Five Guys 1 out of 5 I give it a 3 out of 5. Well be doing some Independent Food Critic reviews soon. Remember something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating!     

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Top 5 Guitar Hero games I don't have

Me with a Guitar Hero Wii Guitar back in 2008

Even doe it's been 4 years since the Guitar Hero games ended from now. Into playing with them do have most of the games. Rank up the 5 Guitar Hero games I don't have. Tell you the reasons why I don't have them some I don't care much for getting and don't have the game system for it.

1, DJ Hero games: Mostly a hip hop form of this music game. Not really big on rap music. Even doe I might had act like a DJ before when I was younger. Just more to rock music now. Only had one sequel before it ended. 

2, Band Hero: It is the kiddy form of this game as a whole band pack with Band in the title. That only has a thaw songs and cut lyrics in their songs. Rock Band had it's Kiddy form of their game Lego Rock Band I go for that one instead of Band Hero. 

3, Guitar Hero: Van Halen: Not really a big Van Halen fan just not to in to them. Other GH games for bands I got Aerosmith and Metallica do have some entrust in those bands. Van Halen not as much and a song from them I played in Guitar Hero: World Tour Hot for a teach is one of the hard songs to play.

4, Guitar Hero Smash Hits: This game is all of the best hit's all in one from a thaw past Guitar Hero games I already have most of the games with those songs in them. Pretty much another form of track pack to sell more of those games.

5, Guitar Hero On Tour games: Never had those because I never had a Nintendo DS for them. If I do have a DS I would get those games. Do wanted a portable form of the Guitar Hero games. Had a PSP got the portable form of Rock Band game for it call Rock Band Unplugged.

Most of those are the Guitar Hero form games I don't ever had well do even more things on it soon. Not really around any more still being played today. Keep on Rockin!

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