Thursday, August 29, 2013

Top 7 Summer movies 2013

The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises where one of the 2 movies that came out last year from now. Since the summer season is about to be over with. Ranking up the 7 summer movies I seen so fair. This year it's mostly forms of re-makes and comic book movies as all ways. More of this year is the older movies and life it self makes my summer. Got 2 on here that did not do to well. But I happen to like them a bit.

1, Star Trek: Into Darkness

2, Iron Man 3

3, Pacific Rim

4, The Lone Ranger

5, R.I.P.D.

6, The Wolverine

7, Man of Steel

Most of the movies I seen this year so fair sorry about not having Brad Pitt running from zombies in Wold War Z and those Twinkie looking Minions from Despicable Me 2. Their some movie out right now I want to see are Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters and Kick-Ass 2. If you want info about those movie you can see them your self. Well probably be out on DVD and Blu-ray soon. More post on here soon. For now keep on viewing!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Indy Food Critic: Applebees Ultimate Trios

I know it is a Applebees review. Doing it any way since most of the time want me to do Applebees since they get pretty good views. It another one on something I had their what my last one at Chili's another place like Applebees I did on their Cheese Steak Sandwich. Today from now had a pretty good meal at Applebees over by Legends in Kansas City, Ks. Had the Ultimate Trio what I probably had on my first Indy Food Critic video review back in 2009. This time did not had the cheese burger sliders mostly what I get when it comes to the Ultimate Trio mostly things you get as Appetizers on their menu. Got their brew pub pretzels and beer cheese dip. They are kinda a new item they have now. Pretzels where pretty good. Bigger then I thought they where. The beer cheese was OK. it was a white kind of beer cheese for dipping. I well probably get it again one of those times I well go their. Mozzarella Cheese sticks where all so pretty good. Boneless buffalo wings that I had mild. Where just their bland flavor heat sauce. Just have on vary crispy chicken nuggets. Was a pretty good meal 1 out of 5 I give it a 4 out of 5.

Well be doing more Indy Food Critic post and other kinds of post soon. Remember something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Indy Food Critic: Chili's Cheese steak

This is one of those kinds of Indy Food Critic reviews where I review a thing I got at a place. Then what I get their goes out of most of the place I ate at. This one is on Chili's Cheese Steak sandwich I had their. Today from now had Chili's Cheese Steak sandwich over at the Chili's by Legends Kansas City, Ks. Most part of the place's been going their. We all know Chili's is a Applebees kind of place that is more to American South West Theme. About the cheese steak sandwich. Tolled theme to hold the peppers and onions. Serve it with onions have it back to get it without onions. The manger came tolled me that the cheese sauce put on it has onions in it. Got it with melted American cheese. The sandwich was all right not the best cheese steak sandwich. Mostly it is like the kinds get any other chain place's like this. Much bigger then the kind at Applebees. Next time I well just get it with white cheese. Get something different on their menu. For the Cheese steak sandwich 1 out of 5 I give it a 3 out of 5. More Indy Food Critic and other post well be out soon. Remember Something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating!  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Indy Food Critic: Quiznos

This is the first Indy Food Critic review and post on Liem's Blogs the month of August of 2013. Today from now I ate at the Quiznos inside of Nebraska Furniture Mart over by Legends in Kansas City, Ks. We all know Quizons service toasted subs. This one was a small one that didn't have a big menu like the full size one's didn't had the french dip one at this one. Got the closet sub from it. Double Cheese Prime Rib a large on a Rosemary Parmesan bread had it with spicy Mao. The sandwich was pretty good mostly toasted where I mostly do like them that way has a sneaky spice to it. Might yous real prime rib or probably not. It was OK. It was high on price. Something different to have. Not any place to go all the time. Subway is much cheaper for $5 foot longs. Going their more then this place. For Quiznos 1 out of 5 I give it a 3 out of 5. More Indy Food Critic and other post well be out soon. Let you know I been putting some pitchers on Flickr you can see them. Not really part of Liem's Blogs or Indy Food Critic. Have some pitchers on their that I had used from past blogs on here. Remember something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating! 

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