Monday, March 27, 2017

Liem's Blogs 5 years on Blogger

It has been 5 years since I am on Blogger. Have over 200 post right now. Started out with the 2 post's the Famous Dave's BBQ re-review as the Independent Food Critic and the first time on Blogger on the same day back on March 26th 2012. Started out by way to share Indy Food Critic reviews on YouTube when I went back to doing that. Since they where lot of work to do and was not getting much views for it. I just type them now on this Blog site. It is 5 years by now since I am on here and more post's are going to be out soon. For now keep on viewing! 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Independent Food Critic: Fried Food Friday Shrimp po'boy

Had not did a Fried Food Friday in while. Since this is the season for Lent that Catholics have seafood on Friday nights during this season. Got the Shrimp Po'Boy that is one of the types of Po'Boys. Po'Boys are the kinds of sandwich's known to originated in New Orleans. Have something Cajun with your sea food. Place I get a Po'Boy the most is Jazz that is a Cajun place that is the Legends outlet. Where it is fried shrimp on a hoagie. You can also have a Po'Boy with Chicken Crawfish and even alligator. Have that taste of the Big Easy. I well be doing more post's soon for now. Keep on eating!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Independent Food Critic Thirsty Thursday Shamrock Shake

Got another Thirsty Thursday where I share a beverage to you. Day before St. Patrick's Day got the Shamrock Shake that is a green minty flavor shake that they have at McDonalds from late February and in March for St. Patty's Day. It was introduce back in the 70's with a green mascot. Brought it back in the late 2000's part of the McCafe line up with not having that mascot back from the grave. Shamrock Shake is pretty much one of the only thing I would rush to a McDonalds for. Got to have one or two during this time of the year when they have them. Where in the US that mostly St. Patricks Day is a getting drunk holiday by having green beer because of the celebration of are Irish heritage. This is mostly the non alcohol drink. If you spick it your self. Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day and keep on viewing!  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Independent Food Critic: Planet Subs

This is the review for the month of March of this year. Today had ate at Planet Subs in the Wyandotte Plaza over on State Ave in Kansas City, Ks. Planet Subs are a sub sandwich places in the KC area. Had their pastrami sub that was under original subs had a whole one. Mostly they have their bread bake and give you your order by the playing card they call for when you are waiting. Planet Subs is OK. Pastrami sub was alright kinda pricey at this place. It's alright for a sub place mostly like another Jimmy Johns and Quiznos. Next time I well get another sub their not like any place I would have a big rush to go back to. Had a blonde women that served me did ask them about if they had tighter leads for the drinks did not had any yet. For Planet Subs 1 out of 5 I give it a 3 out of 5. For them I would give them 3 diamonds out of five since they are card playing sub shop. Well be doing more reviews and post's soon. For now keep on eating!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Independet Food Critic: Thirsty Thursdays Abita King Cake Soda

This pitcher of the soda can be find on my Instengram

It's Thirsty Thursday where I share a drink to you. Since last Tuesday was Mardi Gross that is known as Fat Tuesday. Decide to share a soda for that day. That is from a type of cake to eat on that day where if you find a small baby that you become king for the day of Mardi Gross. The drink is a Abita soda that is a Louisiana based soda where this one is a seasonal one that I got from KC Soda Co. The taste of it is like a cinnamon sugar frosting on a coffee cake as a liquid form. It well be something to have one a year that is on Mardi Gross. This is the first post of the month of March of this year. Well have the 5 years of Liem's Blogs soon this month and For now keep on viewing!    

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