Thursday, February 5, 2015

Top 5 Guitar Hero games I don't have

Me with a Guitar Hero Wii Guitar back in 2008

Even doe it's been 4 years since the Guitar Hero games ended from now. Into playing with them do have most of the games. Rank up the 5 Guitar Hero games I don't have. Tell you the reasons why I don't have them some I don't care much for getting and don't have the game system for it.

1, DJ Hero games: Mostly a hip hop form of this music game. Not really big on rap music. Even doe I might had act like a DJ before when I was younger. Just more to rock music now. Only had one sequel before it ended. 

2, Band Hero: It is the kiddy form of this game as a whole band pack with Band in the title. That only has a thaw songs and cut lyrics in their songs. Rock Band had it's Kiddy form of their game Lego Rock Band I go for that one instead of Band Hero. 

3, Guitar Hero: Van Halen: Not really a big Van Halen fan just not to in to them. Other GH games for bands I got Aerosmith and Metallica do have some entrust in those bands. Van Halen not as much and a song from them I played in Guitar Hero: World Tour Hot for a teach is one of the hard songs to play.

4, Guitar Hero Smash Hits: This game is all of the best hit's all in one from a thaw past Guitar Hero games I already have most of the games with those songs in them. Pretty much another form of track pack to sell more of those games.

5, Guitar Hero On Tour games: Never had those because I never had a Nintendo DS for them. If I do have a DS I would get those games. Do wanted a portable form of the Guitar Hero games. Had a PSP got the portable form of Rock Band game for it call Rock Band Unplugged.

Most of those are the Guitar Hero form games I don't ever had well do even more things on it soon. Not really around any more still being played today. Keep on Rockin!

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