Top 9 Guitar Hero video games

Pitchers of Guitar Hero games I got.

Had ranked up the top Guitar Hero games don't have now going to rank up the one's I do have. Even doe I have a Rock Band game in the pitcher. Let you know no Rock Band games on this list that well be another list for now it is Guitar Hero games do have some that are not full game sequels no Guitar Hero Van Halen that was on the other list of the GH games I don't have.

1, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

2, Guitar Hero World Tour

3, Guitar Hero 5

4, Guitar Hero Aerosmith

5, Guitar Hero II

6, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

7, Guitar Hero Metallica

8, Guitar Hero Encore Rock the 80's

9, Guitar Hero

Those are the Guitar Hero games I have that I ranked up even doe it is since 2011 ever stop making them but I am still pretty much into playing them probably are some do still play those games today. For now keep on Rockin!


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