Sunday, July 29, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Applebees Re-Review and other Applebee's reviews

                          This is the re-review

                                        Quesadilla Burger review months ago of this year

                           The First Applebee's review back in 2009 was the one in my home town of Council Bluffs, Ia

                                    This was I us for the Things I want back at Applebee's Blog

Yesterday from now I just did Applebee's re-review. Even doe I had said that I wont do any more reviews. Well do review's on the things I had their. I don't get many suggestions of the place's you want me to review on. Couple of the one's where the one's that want me to do Applebee's review. Mostly every body likes Applebee's. They are a major chain place's that always change things on their menu. When I was their they no longer have the fried green tomato sandwich. Now have a Brushchetta chicken sandwich. Instead of the brushchetta burger they once have. That was one of the things I wanted it back. Didn't have it when I was their. But they don't serve it with the side of Garlic fries. Had the green bean fries as a appetizer. But not going to tell much about what I had. You can just watch the review. Applebee's is mostly a big chain place that almost every where has them. Everybody goes to them. Trying to fine place's I haven't been to before to do reviews on. Just upload the re-review on YouTube it is not getting any views right now. Just going to do most of them on here in stead. But Remember something I am my own food critic for now keep on eating!

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