Thursday, July 26, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Italian place's in Kansas City and Cupini's video review

In the the last blog meant to put down their are other two Italian place's in Omaha I been to that are long time traditional. One was Angie's ate their long ago. It's a Steak and Italian place but they are really pricey. Their is another but don't remember the name to well but it starts with a C. It is the same like Sam's Italian Villa and Pizza King. Italian Steak House are the most long time tradition in Omaha since all way back in 1920's. But their are one's I haven't been to when I was living their.


Now I am living in Kansas City right now. Most of the Italian place's I been to here are mostly chain place's. Besides Cupini's it is a family run Italian place that is what the video review is. Only Ate their once back in Feb of this year. Can't really do a rank up Italian place's in KC. Since I was looking for major chain place's. Cupini's would be the only one on that list. Their are Traditional non chain Italian place's here in Kansas City. But I haven't been to any of them yet. I did found out their is one in downtown KC,K called Felitza's Fine Italian Cuisine. Do serve Toasted Ravioli's. I do love toasted ravioli's. Their is a Italian Buffet over in Overland Park, KS called Cinzzetti's been wanting to go their for a long time. They are high on price for one person but some one say it's worth it. Italian place I been going to the most is Johnny Carion's on a Monday night for their family night. It is mostly like Carrabba's and Olive Garden. That is the Italian place I like here in KC so far. Did ate at The Olive Garden couple of times over at Legends in Kansas City, Ks. never really had a good meal at that one. Did went to a Carrabba's once here in the KC area. Not as good as the one I been going to back when I was still living in Omaha Area.     

This is the review on Cupini's back in Feb of this year

Those are the Italian place's I went to so far in the Kansas City Area I hope I go to some more to do reviews on as Indy Food Critic. Do went to some of the more Traditional KC place's I well do a top Italian Place's in the Kansas City Area. Their are is another Italian place in Kansas City, Mo over at Zona Rosa want to do but I might put that down for another blog or If I go their do a review on it. Going other kinds of food related stuff soon. Remember Something I am my own food Critic and for now keep on eating.  

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