Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Top 5 Italian restaurants in the Omaha Area

I always did like Italian food. Nothing like toasted ravioli's for a appetizer and spaghetti and meat balls for the main cores. Their are some good Italian place's in the Omaha Area. Why I'm I doing restaurants in Omaha if I like in Kansas City. Because the Omaha area was the place I was from. Got memory's of going to some of those place's. OK on this list I am going to rank up has one place that is close but worth telling about. Got two in Council Bluffs, Ia my home town it happens to be in the Omaha Metro area just cross the river from Omaha Nebraska. Those place's are going to be more of a long time Omaha tradition place's. No meager chain place's like Carrabba's and The Olive Garden. 

                                  Pitcher of toasted ravioli's thew place's on this list serves them  

1, Malar's Italian restaurant: I always like this place for the best Italian food. That has really good toasted ravioli's. The best place that serves them do get them for a appetizer. Spaghetti noodles taste like their home made made out of scratch. With the meat ball's that are big. It is a small Neighborhood Italian place over in South Omaha. I always in up going their on a Friday night since I was 13 years old. This one is one of the Italian place's that I think might be Mafia own.  

2, Sam's Italian Villa (Council Bluffs, Ia): This place been around for a long time on Broadway in my home town of Council Bluffs, Ia. Discover it back when I was in high school. I been going their allot have their meat ball sandwich. It was like are locale place to go. Last time I ate their was a thew day's before I move to KC. That was before my friend tolled me got remold and took over by a new owner now. But I only ate their before that happen.

3, Spaghetti Works: You can get all you can eat Spaghetti diner with different kinds of pasta noodles and two kinds of sauce with a salad bar with a reasonable price. It has old fashion look to it. With old things you probably might fine in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Their are other location's in Lincoln and Des Moines. Not really a big chain place to make it on this list. The one over at The Old Market in Downtown Omaha. Is the one I go to the most.

4, Mister C's: This place is no longer open. It was another place I know the best when it came to Toasted Ravioli's. Had been their for over 50 years. Old fashion family kind of place. Where the food was all right. Had the look of a outside Italian Venice patio look. Where they have Christmas lights all year round. Last time I was their Mister C him self was their the owner of this place. Who comes great and entertain the family. With the chain place's and the casino's over in Council Bluffs had ethic to this place to be closed for good. But the building is still probably their in North Omaha.

5, Pizza King (Council Bluffs, Ia): Another place in Council Bluffs. That do serves pretty good food. Where they have their pizza cute in to squares then in triangles like most place's have them. Has the miss tilde like if it was a just like a pizzeria place. But it is not. Do serve alcohol sea food and Steak. Mostly one's who lives in Council Bluffs goes to this place. Not a whole lot had change at this place.

Those where the top 5 Italian restaurants in the Omaha area. You can go to them to them if you are in that area. Excited for Mister C's it's closed now. Now living in Kansas City haven't really ate much at their none chain place Italian restaurants excited for one a Family own kind of place in Mid town Kansas City, Mo. Did a review on it on my YouTube Channel. Most of the one's I been going right now are Johnny's Corina's and a Olive Garden. I well probably go to one I found in Downtown Kansas City, Kansas soon. Remember something I am my own food critic and For now keep on eating!     

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