Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Top 4 foods I want on the 4Th of July

This is from the left overs at Famous Dave's while back.

Today is America's birthday it's the of July from now on this blog. On this day want all american food and something out their on the grill. Doing the 4 things I want to have on this day. No Chinese food on a day like this. pick 4 because that is what all the things I want to have I think up.

1, All BBQ Feast: I want all kinds of things that is BBQ from Ribs, Beef Brisket, Roasted Chicken, Smoke  sausages and Pull pork. Want it all been grill, Smoke and roasted dose not really mater if it's how it's cook want it all. Pretty much like that all American feat at Famous Dave's.

2, Burger: Most of the time on this day want some form of burger. Wanted it from a grill. Have American or Swiss cheese with bacon and BBQ sauce. Have it with fires. Their is some that do make peanut butter burgers on this day. For now  not really into having it much right now.

3, Brots: I do like to have some brots on the grill or cook in beer. To get a beer flavor. Want a beer with them also. Kind would want are Jacksonville. All ways need to have some form of a brot in the summer time.

4, Hot Dogs: All ways want hot dogs during  this time of year. Want it with chili with cheese on it. If it's beef or pork dogs. That is one of the eating competitions I want to compete in. They have the Coney Island competition on this day of the 4Th of July eating up those world famous Nathans  hot dogs.Show it on ESPEN.Asian guy all ways wens but he is retired now. Want a Nathans hot dog right now. Right after I when go on the Cyclone.

Those are the 4 things I want on the 4Th of July to have to celebrate America's birthday. Want it before you watch or light your own Fireworks show. Remember something I am my own food critic. For Now Keep on Eating and Have a Happy 4Th of July.

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