Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vogel and Rosa: Two Red Tail Hawks

This is a pitcher of Vogel a red tail hawk we yous to have

Vogel had been the first and longest bird we ever had. Between 1999-2010 right now she is back in to the wild where she came cot her from since when she was a juvenile red tail. Vogel happen's to be German for bird of prey. Had her been training her. Taking her out rabbit hunting. Taking her to SCA event to show her off. Same with the other birds we have. Their was one year when dad took her out hunting she found a dead body. He just pack her up and went to the close's gas stain called the police about it. Made it on the news paper. Most people. Where asking about it. The Body they found was just a druggy bum. My parent's got to attach to her. Keep her for a long time. When we take her to SCA event's started to fold her wings out to take a pitcher of her. She really like's the media. Thinks she is a diva and a goddess. Bring her with us same with the other birds. In 2010 when dad was flying her she just went back to the wild. Since we keep her to long and spoiled her. Now she is living happily as a wild red tail. But she well be remember.

                                       This is pitcher of Rosa the red tail we have right now

Rosa not really much to write about. My parent's do probably do have a lot to say about her. Same with Vogel we cot her from the wild as a juvenile red tail. Do fly her to be train. Do take her out hunting for rabbit's Show do bring her to SCA event's to show her off. We cot her from the wild back in 2010 month's later when Vogel went back to the wild since then she is the current red tail we have right now as with the other birds.

Just did a blog on each of the bird's we have or had. Might be doing other falconry related blogs some time soon. I know I did lift out other things I didn't put in their. But maybe for another blog. Be doing other things as well on here but for Now keep on fallowing!

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