Saturday, April 14, 2012

eZip Born to Be Wild video

Did another POV eZip video. Well it's the same video view I upload from the first video. It has the song Born to be wild by Steppenwolf. It is the song that made the 1969 motorcycle movie Easy Rider. It is my own way to make tribute to that movie. It is just me riding. Do listen to that song on my MP3 player when I am riding it. Dose not have any clips in the video. Did take the footage from my first eZip scooter add the song in it. Their are film makers that do special edition re released on cinema or on DVD. Mine is kinda like away of a remix.  

This is the eZip photo in the video

  That's the video eZip Born to be Wild video

That was about the latest video I made on my YouTube. Do more blog's and eZip video's soon. Check out more of my eZip video's and other videos on Liem's Blogs Channel. Please leave a comment on it. Want to here from your comments for now.

Keep on Riding

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