Monday, April 23, 2012

The first Indy Food Critic video

Back February 2009 made my first video review and also the first Indy Food Critic review. It was on the Australian theme chain of Steakhouse Outback. Ate there Valentine weekend. Had a bloom in burger their. Kinda was a personal food critic of myself to a friend of mine. Make a comment on my friends cooking. Always wanted to be a food critic. Where you go out to eat allot. Make your comment on the place I ate at. Did yous the idea of giving restraints A,B,C,D,F grades like a teacher or another form of a movie reviewer. Now I just do 1 out of 5 . 5 is the best. Vary first Indy Food Critic video was upload in 2009. Doing that time. Like season 1 of the place's I ate at. Doing that time I got about 10 Indy Food Critic videos. Had a few of them over a 100 views. Last one was on the Argosy buffet. Had problem with the computer. Did take work to make those video's. Did most of the view's on my Myspace, 2010 did a fan page on my Facebook. Now I went back to doing most of them as video reviews. It get some viewer's  a comment or a rate. Not raelly the biggest things on YouTube right now. Still be doing Indy Food Critic right now.     

                                               Vary first Indy Food Critic Video on Outback

If you got a idea for a place you want me to do. Please make a comment on it. Go ahead make some comment's. Even if it's a trick question or a stupid one. Want to here from my viewers. For more Indy Food Critic and other thing's Check out my YouTube Channel Liem's Blogs Channel. Follow my the place's I ate at or hungry for on my Facebook page Indy Food Critic Facebook.

For now keep on eating!

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