Friday, April 13, 2012

AppleBees reviews as the Indy Food Critic

Had did a video review on Applebee's back in 2009. One of my first reviews as the Indy Food Critic. Ate at the one over in Manawa in my home town of Council Bluffs, Ia. Had the ultiment trio. There chose of appetizers. We all know Applebee's is a chain place. That all ways changes there menu. Was my all time Favorited. There where things I like no longer on there have on there menu any more. Such as fried pickles and garlic fries no longer there for a long time. 
                                                        Applebee's review from 09 

Did another review last month in March. This one was on the Quesadilla burger there. Just made a review on it. A person made a comment on the Applebee's review to try the Quesadilla burger. Made a review of it. It was the popular burger there. Truth is I did not care much for it. Have better burger's there such as the Cowboy burger. Had been making Quesadilla's on my own from home. with the Quesadilla maker that I got for Christmas from my Aunt.
                                                Applbee's Quesadilla Burger Review

Applebee's is still a place I would eat ate. Not really my top fave as it yous to be. Have no plans on doing another re-review on it for a while. Have plans on doing some of the place's simaler to it. Such as Chili's and Ruby Tuesday's if I ever go to them some time. Please leave a comment. Follow my statue's update's Indy Food Critic/Facebook and check out my other Indy Food Critic video's on The Liem's Blogs Channel for now I am my own food Critic

                                                 Keep on Eating   

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