Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Want to do a re-review on Papa Bob's and Grinders as the Indy Food Critic

The two place's I want to do re-reviews on are Papa Bob's BBQ and Grinders they are both in the Kansas City area. Want to do a YouTube review on them. Both of them where on food shows while Grinders where visited by Guy from Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives. Papa Bob's was on Man V. Food. 

Papa Bob's BBQ
It's my all time favorite BBQ place. That I clam to be the best BBQ place Kansas City. It hapens to be in Bonner Springs, Ks. It was one of the three place's Adam Ritchman from Man V. Food went to when he was in Kansas City. Try to took on the Ultimate Destroyer he had failed. Like most of the others had. But they had about two completed it. To me might not have a Ultimate Destroyer. It  is to much for me. Most of the time I get a Destroyer a smaller version had about six of theme with the choice of three kinds of meats. Want to do a re-review on it because it was the last review blog I did on Myspace and it might not got publish. Noticed  on There Facebook page they are getting much better business then just the locales. 

Half of a Destroyer at Papa Bob's

Is a funky pizza and sandwich place over in the Crossroads art distracted over in Kansas City, Mo. It is one of the place's that Guy from Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives. Both in have two buildings Grinders East and West. Where one has specialize in Pizza and Wings and the other Sandwiches dose not really matter witch one you go to. You can get what ever things they got in the two Grinders. What ever you order might take awhile. The wings are really hot there. Doing the time I was there. I had a Chili bomb pie. It's any kind of pizza where you can get it top with chili cheese tater tots. Been making them  at home a lot. Want to do a re-review on it. Because I only ate there once. Would like to try one of there sandwiches then a chili bomb pie.                                                   

                                                       Chili-bomb pie from Grinder

Those are one of the two place's I want to do re-review's on as the Indy food Critic. If I ever go to them I well do re-reviews on them. If have any questions about my blogs please leave a comment on it. Check out my Indy Food Critic and other kinds of video's on my YouTube Channel. Liem's Blogs Channel

For Now Keep on Eating!

(Let you know I did a Papa Bob's review in September of this year 2012) 

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