Sunday, April 29, 2012

Indy Food Critic Isle of Capri buffet review

                                                       Isle of Capri Buffet review video

Yesterday from now I did a review on the buffet at Isle of Capri. It is really called Calypso's Buffet. But I mostly call it by the casino/Hotel where it's in. It was on a Friday night crab leg night. This one is much cheaper then the buffet at Argosy. Food is not as good as Argosy. It's pretty much OK when it comes to sea food. That is most of the Casino's buffet serve on a sernten night. This one was in a river boat. Where the casino is on the bottom floor. Can take your kids to. Most of the casino's where I am from is the river boats. Buffet is in the hotel part. It is close to the downtown part of Kansas City, Mo. Didn't got a really high rate on this place. I weather go with Argosy's food better. Re-sen you it much cheaper to go to.  Not calming it's a bad place to go. Not really the best place to go. Gambol more at the buffets then the casinos them selves.

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