Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top 5 Summer movies 2012

Once again summer is coming to a end. Movies is all ways something I go to in the summer. Been recapping the movies I saw this summer so fair since back in 2008 when I was doing most of the blog's on Myspace. This year did not really have a big selection like for last year. It's been more to remakes and comic book movies. Their are two movies I wanted to see but haven't got to see them not on the list such as Ted and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. But Battleship is not going to be on here. 

1, The Dark Knight Rises: The latest Batman movie so fare. Haven't got to see it on the IMAX like with the last movie. This one was really good it took a bit different way then other things with Batman in it. Bane was a pretty interesting villein in the movie way he looks and talks. Who is a cross between Darth Vader and Shredder. But it left off something at the end might start some new spin-off movie to it.  

2, The Amazing Spider-Man: This is a reboot from the first Spider-Man movie where it tolled a different way of Peter Parker who becomes Spider-Man. This one is more to grown ups. It is like the Batman Begins of the Spider-Man movies. Has the Lizard as the main villein who has a split personality similar to the Green Goblin. But it makes up for Spider-Man 3.

3, The Avengers: Where the marvel super hero's join together. Such as Iron Man, Thor, Caption America and The Hulk. Team up to fight against Loki who happens to be Thor's adopted bro. Has a Alien invasion at the end. This was the movie we been waiting for. It has some funny parts in it as well.  

4, Men in Black 3: It's been about 10 years since MIB 2 came out. This is where Jay goes back in time to the 1960's where his partner Kay is younger. Dose not have Frank the talking pug in it. But shows a pitcher of him in Jay's room and a poster for side show as the talking dog. It is still a pretty fun movie to watch but it is kinda out dated. Mostly Men in Black where a bit dated more in the late 90's.

5, Dark Shadows: This is the only one not based from a comic book. It was based from a old to show in the 60's about a 17Th century playboy million air been cures by a witch made him in to a Vampire. Wakes up in the 1970's. This movie was pretty entertaining to watch. Now they are making remaking old TV shows in to comedy movies so fair.    

Those where the movies I saw in the summer of 2012. I didn't got to go to Worlds of Fun this year it well just be a hollow dream. In lest it opens until October when they have their Halloween Hunts. But the movies is something that all ways made my summer so fair. Got plan's on doing some kind of major ranking blog and other Indy Food Critic things soon. Please like my Page on Facebook to fallow the things I went to. For now keep on watching! 

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