Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Top 8 worst place's I ate at

One of the blog ideas been planing to do so fare is my pick of the worst place's I ate at. Most of the one's I found are ranking up the one's that is worst for your health. But this one is more to taste or just any thing I don't like about. There might be place's you probably like on their put this is my own choice. Even doe I did something similar to this when I was doing most of the blogging on Myspace. But this is a little to date with right now.  

1, Jack in the Box: This is one of the fast food place's I didn't really like. It makes McDonnell's a lot better place to eat at. Food taste like stuff that is served in a school caffetteria. First time I ate their gave this place a one. Their slogan is "We don't make it until you order it" Their food dose not taste like any thing made before ordering it. I get little bit of a honest add from Sonic then this place. When I go to Sonic my food is warm. Like they just made it even doe they are always slow.

2, Fat Fish Blue: I do mostly like Cajun food. But this place I ate in Zona Rosa in KC, Mo is not really that good. Had a po boy their mayo sauce taste like buffalo mayo sauce. Even do at all what I got even the sweet potato chips I was still hungry. Even doe I like Cajun food. But this place I don't really like. I rather go to Jazz over at Legends in KC, Ks a much better place for Cajun food. 

3, Church's Chicken: I never really like church's at all their chicken dose not have much meat on it. Serve mashed potatoes with the gravy mix to it. Then separately like what KFC dose with theirs on the family meal. Has that gross yellow color in the inside of the place. Even doe it is cheaper then other place's. Do know some people here in the Kansas City area that do like this place. KFC and Popeye's are why better fast food chicken place's.  

4, CiCi's Pizza: Mostly it's cheep buffet that dose not have the best selections. besides for their pizzas. Their pizzas are not really good. This is one of the two worst pizza place for kids that I don't like besides Chuck E Cheese. Even doe the kids like the pizza at CiCi's then at Chuck E Cheese. Might not really like this place but it is something cheep where a mother with a large family can just take their kids to.

5, Gates BBQ (Kansas City, Area): Some of the top BBQ place in Kansas City. Are happen to be the worst. Their ribs I had their don't really have much meat on them. I rather go to Arthur Bryesnts then this place even that one is not really the best. I know their is some do like it in the Kansas City Area. Just in up clamming as one of the best BBQ place's in KC. But it is not even really that good.

6, Lucky Chinese Buffet (Kansas City, Ks): This is a Chinese buffet. That I don't really care much for it is one of the most popular place's where I am living right now. It is located in some kind of building that once was some kind of fish place. That dose need a new paint job. It is so bad I would not even do a review on this place as Indy Food Critic. Only best things about it is that has Mt. Dew Code Red. Not meany place that even has Pepsi produce's as their pop's.  

7, Taco Bueno: Vary blend Mexican food. That their cheese cause taste like it came from a can. It makes me rather want to go to Taco Bell in staid. But their is the thing about this place is the one's who don't like really like Mexican food like this place. The one's who like Mexican food don't like this place and it is another kind of place where their food taste like school food. 

8, Logan's Roadhouse: Before I even ate their I always think it is some kind of Texas Roadhouse knock-off. But it happens to be. It is one of the Indy Food Critic reviews I gave it a 1 out of 5. It is nothing worth going back to. There mini burgers taste like the kinds at Burger King and even Burger Kings not really that good. The service is not even the best on cleaning.

Right now those are the worst place I ate at for now. Did left out some. Some of them aren't really the best or even the worst. But maybe for some other blog soon. Even doe they happen have the most of fast food place's and some of the fast food place's happens to be the worst kind. Be doing some more blogs soon Remember something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating!

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