Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Indy Food Critic on Location

Just all ready did yous the Indy Food Critic Logo from my last blog. Share to you the two Indy Food Critic video I did back in 09. Where I did the review on location at T-Rex Cafe and Sonic. It is a plan I am probably going to do some time soon with Indy Food Critic V Review as the Indy Food Critic on Location where I video came myself at or by the place I ate at. Reviewing it as like what I did with me on the web cam. Since I all ready did two videos of them back in 2009.

                          This is by T-Rex Cafe where I ate over in Legend's in Kansas City, Ks

                                      This is me reviewing Sonic that I close by where I live

OK those are the two Indy Food Critic on Location's I did back in 09. I well might have plans on doing Indy Food Critic on Location some time when I get a Digital cam coder. To do this kinds of things it well probably do it a thew times. Hope to get me more views as I want. Well to see other Indy Food Critic video review you can go to my YouTube Channel to see them. Please LIKE my Facebook page Liem's Blogs/Indy Food Critic to keep update with the place's I ate, Food related things and other things as well. Remember something I am my own food Critic, Keep on watching and Keep on eating!

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