Indy Food Critic on Location

Just all ready did yous the Indy Food Critic Logo from my last blog. Share to you the two Indy Food Critic video I did back in 09. Where I did the review on location at T-Rex Cafe and Sonic. It is a plan I am probably going to do some time soon with Indy Food Critic V Review as the Indy Food Critic on Location where I video came myself at or by the place I ate at. Reviewing it as like what I did with me on the web cam. Since I all ready did two videos of them back in 2009.

                          This is by T-Rex Cafe where I ate over in Legend's in Kansas City, Ks

                                      This is me reviewing Sonic that I close by where I live

OK those are the two Indy Food Critic on Location's I did back in 09. I well might have plans on doing Indy Food Critic on Location some time when I get a Digital cam coder. To do this kinds of things it well probably do it a thew times. Hope to get me more views as I want. Well to see other Indy Food Critic video review you can go to my YouTube Channel to see them. Please LIKE my Facebook page Liem's Blogs/Indy Food Critic to keep update with the place's I ate, Food related things and other things as well. Remember something I am my own food Critic, Keep on watching and Keep on eating!


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