Thursday, October 24, 2013

History of Vampires in Cinema

Vampires always had been big in cinema for a long time. known to roam the night to feed on the blood of the living. Right now I am going to give you a bit of timeline history of vampires in cinema. In my own way of tilling about it.

*1922 Back in the silent film aria Nosferatu a German film came out it was the first will known vampire movie. Was based on Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. Where they can not get the right's from Bram Stker's willow. Had change some of it. Max Schreck as Count Orlok and he is still a pretty spooky today.

*1931 Dracula came out with Bela Lugosi as him most famous role ever. Black and white talking film that is timeless of this day.

*1958 While in that time most of the horror movies where Sci-Fi B-movies about giant monsters, alien invaders and science gone wrong. Hammer's came out with Horror of Dracula where it was in color and more frighting for it's times. Christoper Lee as Dracula. Started a series of Dracula and other vampire movies from Hammer all the way to the mid 70's.

*1972 First Afro vampire on film Blacula came out. Where he was made into a vampire by Count Dracula. A year later it had only one sequel Scream Blaula Scream.

*1985 Fright Night came out where is about a vampire cross street from a teenage boy. Where it was the first film to make vampires were mondern day cloths. Still made tribute to the old vampire movies.

*1987 The Lost Boys came out with making vampires into a group of rock and roll style punks still having them frighting started a new Gen of vampires.

*1994 Came out with Intertview with the Vampire that was based from a book by Ann Rice. Where they make vampires into pretty boys. About the journey through the ages as a vampire. Probably made the idea of some wanting to be vampires.

*1998 Blade came out based from Marvel comics about half vampire who haunts down vampires in a urban sitting. Started the idea of line of movies from Marvel comics. The same year that John Carpenter's Vampires came out where it was a still of a western sit place in current time about a vengeful vampire hunter who mostly drag vampires out into day time to get fried in the sun. Most stop a Century's old vampire to get the black cross to be able to walk in day time.

*2007 Based from a comic book 30 Days of Night. Where it is about a group of vampires attacking a small Alaskan town up in the North part of Alaska during it's 30 days of night. Towns do what they can do to stop the vampires. Made vampires even more frighting. Something a bit like 28 Days Later instead of fast moving zombies was vampires.

*2009 Daybreakers came out. Where it takes place in the future. Mostly everybody got effected by a virus that made them into vampires. Limited on blood while human's are endangered species. A vampire found him self to be cure as a human. If they drink his blood they become human.

That was a bit of History of vampires maybe not every single vampire movie ever made I put down. Not the best way of saying it. Just did what I know about. Also meany other things with vampires that are not in movies such as in books, Comic Books/Graphic novels like Nosferatu; The Untold Origin by Louis Pecsi. See them on TV such as True Blood on HBO and in video games. All kinds of vampires to enjoy that dose not sparkle in the sun. Vampires we know that if we are afraid of them or want to be them. Vampires are always going to be in a place in cinema. For now have a scary day!

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