Thursday, October 10, 2013

Top 10 The Nightmare Room episodes

The Nightmare Room was a short lived Horror teen show that was also based from a short lived book series from R.L. Stine who is the author of other children's horror novels such as Fear Street and Goosebumps. Haven't read any of The Nightmare Room books haven't watched the series the network first aired on. Was watching the episodes on AOL year's ago. It is anthology series like Goosebumps and it came out a thew years after the tv series Goosebumps ended where this one has recognized child stars during that time. Going to rank up the 10. Let you know the one's I remember seeing are going to be the top of the list.

1, Tangled Web

2, Scareful what you wish for

3, The Howler

4, Locker 13

5, Fear Games

6, School Spirit 

7, Fall Moon Halloween 

8, Don't forget me

9, My Name is Evil

10, Dear Diary, Im Dead

Those are the 10 Nightmare room episodes. Got a bones on the Top 2 Master's of Horror. Remember last year when I rank up the Top 5 Masters of Horror. Had idea of doing another one only two that I like the best weren't on the list are.

1, Dreams in the Witch-House 

2, The V Word

Also those are the other 2 Masters of Horror. I well be doing some more post soon for now Have a scary day!

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