Wednesday, October 16, 2013

History of Zombies in Cinema

Right now going to give you a brief timeline history of zombies in Cinema. Do something like this on my Facebook status last year changing and add a bit more this time. Zombies are all ways a big thing in movies for a long time. Where the undead walks. Going to do a History of Zombies in cinema with my own way of telling it.

*1931 The very first zombie movie White Zombie came out with Bela Lugosi in it. Where the zombies first started out as hypnosis working zombies.

*1968 George A. Romero came out with Night of the Living Dead first released independent where he made his zombies slow moving flesh eating the living zombies. What started the zombies we know today.

*1979 The second instalment to George A. Romero's Living Dead series Down of the Dead came out. Where it came out in colour. Where it had zombies in a shopping mall.  

*1985 Where Return of the Dead came out where this one was made as a Comedy. Made zombies ever more rotted and the idea of saying brains!

*2002 Haven't had a zombie movie for a long time. 28 Days Later was first released in the UK. Made zombies a big come back started the idea of fast moving zombies.

*2004 A British Comedy called Shaun of the Dead came out. Was a sorta a parody to the remake of Dawn of the Dead. With the main living character happens to be name Shaun.

*2013 The movie World War Z came out staring Brad Pitt. Where he travels the world to tell everyone about the zombie apocalypse is coming. Based from a novel by Max Books who knows about serving a zombie apocalypse.

Mostly a bit of the zombie film history that I know the best about. There are things where you can fined zombies then in movies such as video games. Novels same with World War Z. Comic Books and on TV such as AMC's The Walking Dead is happens to be based from a comic book. Any time when the zombie Apocalypse happens we those movies for now to see what it would be like when It do really happens For now keep viewing. 

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