Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2012

Most of life my parents all ways take me to Renaissance Fair's. We yous to be merchant at them long ago that how we got in the S.C.A. We never did merchant at the Kansas City fair or any other big fair like this. We mostly go to the KC Fair Al lot. Yous to make trips from Council Bluffs where I had lived to all way to Bonner Springs, Ks in the Kansas City Area. Where the fair is all ways held. We go their times in garb or in mondan. This year I shot archery companion twice this weekend won't let us yous cross bows. Just shot with a received bow. Only made it up to 30 yards. It was another way to get in to the fair without paying.

                                                           Ugly Unicorn color dog

                            Dungeon Museum all ways has every year with the torcher devices 

                                                Rat Chair inside of the Dungeon Museum

                                                         Clips from the Jousting

Those were the photo's I took at the fair. Not really the best. Just the one's I in up taking when I was their. There are other's took better pitcher's then I did. Be doing other kinds of blogs soon For now keep on viewing!

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