Monday, September 10, 2012

All of the American Chopper bikes I have still in package

Showing off all the American Chopper/O.C.C. bikes I got still in package. Did ranks up the 5 theme bikes from one of my last blogs. Got two Custom Rigid bikes to show off. Didn't had them on the list. I put the theme bikes best known from seeing them being built from the show. I know there from the first season. But I was just being a bit Nostalgic about theme. I know over the years they build some newer bikes. For this month on Liem's Blogs was sorta doing a chopper month with thing relates to chopper motorcycles. I well still do Indy Food Critic reviews and other things that is not even related to motorcycles.   

                                                 All 5 American Chopper bikes I rank up

                                                        Custom Rigid #1 and #2 

Those are mostly the American Chopper bikes I have right now still in pack age never been open. The one's I don't got are Lucy's bike, Old School and T-Rex Softall are the ones I don't got not really the best bikes but daring that time I did want them to complete them all. Even doe threw the years of the season. They probably had some more bikes as well. But this are the one's I know more about. Not sealing them yet. Keep them some where when I am in my 30's or 40's. They well might be more valuable doing that time. Some more blogs well be out soon. For now keep on Riding!

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