Friday, September 7, 2012

Video Game Review: American Chopper games

This is once in a while thing on reviewing video games. I had did a three part on The Simpsons video games I had on Myspace back in 2010. This time I am reviewing the two American Chopper video games I got on PlayStation 2 based on the realty show from Discovery. My last blog was on Top bikes from the show. Showing off the toy bikes I got still in package.

American Chopper

On PlayStation 2 where it had crappy graphics. Has Paul Sr and Jr in it but no Mickey in it. Where you play as your own character. Working at American Chopper that is what the shop was called in the game name of the TV series in stead of O.C.C. Well you play different missions by riding on a thew of the chopper's you had see being built on the series. Slowly can build your own custom chopper in the game. The Graphics aren't really the best. Has some of the different bikes from the series. Playing different forms of Missions on the bikes. But it is still playable. All way's rate the same way how I do my restaurants reviews and movies. For this game 1 out of 5 I give it a 3 out of 5.    

                                              American Chopper 2 Full Therottle

The last game was not the best but was still something to play. Also did another American Chopper video game. This one has better graphics. Had Mickey in it. Besides this bike in the first game this one where their shop is O.C.C. Has more bikes in it. Has some more missions to complete in it. Instead of avatar charter you play who happens to work in the shop you get to play one of the three guys in it. Even doe this one sounds allot better then the first game. I can't even pass threw the first mission in the game. I rather puffer the other game then this. That one I can get farther threw levies. For this one 1 out of 5 I give it a 2 out of 5.

Those where the two American Chopper games I got on PlayStation 2. Well the first game was more like something on a PlayStation 1 game then a PlayStation 2 game but that one is the one steal more playable. Might be better then the Monster Garage video game I herd weren't any good to own or even play. This is one of the threw video game reviews I well be doing so fair. Still do more place I eat at reviews and other blogs. For now keep on riding!

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