Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 15 toys I was in to when I was a child

Even doe I was doing a chopper blogs of this month. I did put down I well do other things. Right now going to share some of the things I toys I was into back when I was a child. Even doe I had work at a toy store before. Going to rank up the one's I played and had. Most of this are mostly toys for boys then girls. I am boy I played with toys meant for boys. Some of them where base from cartoons I was in to. Maybe one or two from a movie. Some that don't even make any more. This is my chose that I pick out.

1, Video Games: I am all ways do play video games once in a while. Most of the game consoles I ever own where from Nintendo and PlayStain. Did had a classic Nintendo. Had games like classic Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. For PlayStain 1 games I played where Spyro, Crash, Tomb Raider and Tony Hawk. Those where some of the games I played. Kinda do play some video games once in a while.

2, RC Vehicles: I all ways like playing with cars, trucks, boats all most any thing that is radio control. Mostly like the one's that are wireless more freedom to move. Even doe I had some of those kinds before. Still do have some interest in to playing with them. 

3, Hot Wheels: I had a whole been full of Hot Wheels cars. Did play with them when I was little. I don't even remember if I had a track for them with loops and jumps. I also did had some Matchbox cars and other toy cars that where like Hot Wheels.

4, Nerf: Most of the Nerf toys I played with where Nerf shooters. Had a Nerf bow and a crossbow. Did had some Nerf balls as well.

5, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back when I was a child I was really big on Ninja Turtles. Wanted every thing that was Ninja Turtles daring that time. I had mostly all of the turtles action figures some of the spin-off kind such as the Turtles as Classic Star Trek. Had some of the villeins like the Shredder, Bebop and Rockstedy and Had the Turtle van.

6, Transformers: I did like the cartoon mostly like playing with the toys the best. Where a Idea of making a robot change form to a vehicles and back. Some of the one's I had where mostly the Decepticons because their where the one's that transforms in to jet planes. Beside that I had Transformer bed sheets when I was a child.

7, Micro Machines: I had all things that was Micro Machines. They are those tiny vehicles from cars, trucks and military vehicles. All most any thing daring that time would be made as a Micro Machines. Even Star Trek and Star Wars. Most of the Star Wars toys I had where Micro Machines. They do had big play sits where it opens up to play with.

8, Legos: I played with Lego's when I was a child it was one of my fave things where I can build things out of blocks. Did had a castle Lego sit. Did like pirate Lego's and space things.  

9, Jurassic Park: Beside's it is my all time fave movie. I did had toys from the movie. Had some of the dinosaurs. T-Rex that makes roaring sounds. Did had all the human characters from the first film and the two jeeps. Did had some of the Dinosaurs from it's sequel The Lost World. Did had other kinds of Dino toys that weren't even Jurassic Park even had them before that movie came out.

10, Creepy Crawlers: It's where you take the mold shapes. That shape like bugs. Where you cook them. Make rubber bugs. Kinda like form of a Easy Back Even besides that you can't even eat them after when they are done. 

11, Super Soaker: I played with a water guns when I was a child. Splashily in the summer. Grate for pool party's. Just squirt your friends for the fun of it.

12, The Real Ghostbusters: I did like the Ghost Busters movies mostly like the cartoon the best. I did had some of the toys from the cartoon. Did had some of the figures of the guys. Had a plastic proton pack and a ghost trapper. 

13, G.I. Joe: I didn't had the full size military Ken dolls from the 60's. To me I had the smaller size one's mostly from the 80's and 90's. Based from the cartoon I had watched. Had some of there vehicles for them. 

14, Play Doe: Things I like about playing with Play Doe was smash it and make shapes out of it. Comes in different colors. Even doe it was not edible to eat. Beside's the peanut butter Play Doe make back when I was in pres school.

15, Nickelodeon Toys: I was into Nickelodeon when I was a kid. But those toys I had where not really based from a show on that network. Had things of Gak where it's this slimy stuff to play with. Had kinds all kids of colors. My first was orange as the color of the Nick Logo. Had a thing a Flom it's this stuff that can mold things and bounce's and had a thing of Zand where it looks like sand can mold like doe. That one dose come in forms of color.

Those where the toys I played with when I was a child. There are some more I had. Didn't have them on this blog. But maybe next time. For now Keep on viewing! 

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