Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Top 10 Roller Coasters I want to go on.

I all ways been into roller coasters since back when I was a child. Even doe haven't been on one for a long time  . but the interest of theme is still happening right now. Had drawl roller coasters, Playing Roller Coaster Tycoons, Other kinds of roller coaster games and now watching them on YouTube. Going to rank up the top 10 roller coasters I want to go on. This are the one's I want to go on. If you want something more advance you can just do your own list.

1, Mamba at Worlds of Fun (Kansas City, Mo): Since when I saw the TV add's for it back when it was a new ride I always wanted to go on it. It is one of the large roller coaster at the park you can see from out side of the park. It did look scary even doe it dose not go upside down. But it gose 200 feet high with speed. I herd that you get a really good view of Kansas City. Back when I was their didn't had that one their. I was two little to go on the roller coasters back when they still had the Oereant Express. Never know I might be going on it some time soon.

2, California Screamin at Disney California Adventure Park (Anaheim, CA): Had been to Disneyland twice but this park was still uncastrucstaion when I was their. This might be one of the loopy coasters I would go on has only one loop. Lonch coaster with the looks of a wooden coaster at a boardwalk. Gose really fast has speakers playing music and it's like a space mountain outside.

3, The Beast at Kings Island (Mason, Ohio): It is one of the largest wooden coasters ever that you are riding thew the woods. My fave child hood writer R.L. Stine wrote a book based from this roller coaster. They did had another wooden one called Son of the Beast. It was the first wooden loop roller coaster. Also wooden coasters are not sapost  to go up side down.

4, GhostRider at Knott's Berry Farm (Buena Park, CA): Another large wooden roller coaster at a popular theme park. It open a year after I been to California. Clam to be bigger then the Colossus one I went on twice at Magic Mountain. GhostRider is one of the names I like for a wooden coaster it might had started Halloween thing at the park called Knott's scare farm.

5, Rock n' Roller Coaster starring Arosmith at Disney's Hollywood Studio's (Orlando, FL) A really fast indoor dark ride roller coaster that came from the idea of Space Mountain. Rock n roller theme playing one of my fave bands Arosmith. Even doe it has a cork scow on it. 

6, Cyclone at Coney Island (Brooklyn, NY): This one is a New York land mark. Clam to be a titest turns and steepest droops. One of the one's been around the 20's. Keep it re-strode as it is. As the kind of coaster back in the old day's of Coney Island. Want to go on it before I go get a Nathans Hot Dog. 

7, Tornado at Adventureland (Altoona, Ia): Haven't been on this one doing my time's I was at Adventureland. Roller coaster got to go on when I was their was The Outlaw. This is one of their oldest and big est roller coaster's at the park. It is one of the top largest coasters ever.

8, Canyon Blaster at Adventuredome (Las Vegas, NV): This is another upside down roller coaster I want to go on it is a at a indoor theme park.

9, Vanish at Cosmo Land (Yokohama, Japan): This is one of the coaster that is out side of the US. Found pretty interesting looks like it dives in water. Look like it makes a splash.

10, Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA): They did not hod that roller coaster when I was their. It is a steel coaster gose up really high. Probably is a popular one. Almost all other Six Flags park have their own way of a Goliath roller coaster. But the one over in Magic Mountain is the one I best know about want to go on.

So those are my picks of roller coasters I want to go on. Might be doing a squeal blog on this soon. To see them on YouTube were it's cheaper with out standing in line. The Channel I sagest are Sharp Productions, E-Coasters, Coasterforce and Theme Park review are the one's to see on video.

For this one I well Say Keep on Riding!

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