Monday, May 7, 2012

Talking About Indy Food Critic

Not getting the much views beside myself as the Indy Food Critic on YouTube. This video is not a review on a place. I now I am not the best at reviewing those place's. Been trying to make them entertaining as I can buy eating, Drinking something and Where a hat in some of the videos. Their are things I kinda left off meant to say and the same with the blogs I am doing right now. Must be the other videos I put on their such as doing Impressions and POV Scooter videos. Might had gave low rates to some of the place I been eating ate. Become a Mean Indy Food Critic right now. Do respond to any questens as I can take in place's you want me to do a review on. Beside on Applebee's. Mostly tell me to do that place. Want a good review on it. Putting AppleBee's reviews on a side right now.  To see my video please check out my channel on YouTube.

Remember I am my own Food Critic and for now keep on eating! 

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