Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doing Impressions of South Park

Once again I did a another video of myself doing Impressions as the other charters from South Park. Such as Officer Barbrady, Mr Hankey the Christmas Poe, Timmy, Jimmy, Towelie and another Cartman saying. Even doe I did one as doing Cartman awhile back. In up doing him again. Can't think up any others to do. I do get camera shy doing any kind of video like this. Reviewing place's I ate at as the Indy Food Critic, Doing Impressions and do a movie review once in a while. In the video say Mr Hankey left out Christmas Poe. I did Towelie talking druggy towel that everybody hats. Planing on doing Star Wars Charters I can do Jar Jar Binks but no body dose not like him. Probably do other South Park Charters such as the school counselor Mr. Mackey and do other lines from the Charters I did and got plans on doing Charter from The Simpsons as well.
To see the other videos with me doing Impressions and Indy Food Critic Check out my YouTube Channel Liem's Blogs Channel.

For now Keep on Watching!  

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