Thursday, May 17, 2012

Indy Food Critic: Things I want back at Applebees

Let you know that I decided to go back to AppleBee's reviews if I had something new or haven't had on the menu yet. Most of the close friends want me to do a Applebee's review. Even doe had did two video reviews one back in 09 and one while back on the quesadilla burger. Want me to give a good review on it. But I give it what I like it or not. AppleBees was one of my fave place's. Not as much as I you st to. We all know the place all ways change their menu's add and remove things from their menu. But their are things they took off that I like their menu's long ago. Want them back. I was going to do a top 5 but just can't think up any more things I like but just sorta rank it up. Give you the things I like when they have it their.

Bruschetta Burger with Garlic Fries: I did like that burger. The main thing I get that burger is for the garlic fries they had for the side. But I still like the burger. Has a Bruschetta salsa kind of sauce on it with focaccia bread. This should be my kind of quesadilla burger. I do get to back in 07 when they still have it. Probably know longer have it with the garlic fries.

Fried Pickles: This is one of the things I like when it was their. Had it as a appetizer. Really yummy as any thing fried up that came from the south. This was the place I had them the very first time. Their are other place's I know that they have them. Quaker steak and lube has them but they serve them as spires. Two other place's serve the one's like what they did at Applebee's such as Hooters and Cheeseburger in Paradise. But Applebees was the place I always  best known for having them.

Pizza Sticks: I remember had them back in Jr high years. It was another thing they had a appetizer. Bread sticks with cheese or pizza toppings dip them in a marinara sauce. First time I had them when the summer Olympics when it was held in Sydney Australia. This was the thing I remember. What I like about Applebees in my JR high years. No longer have it their for a long time. Did know some people. Did like Applebee's for the pizza sticks and they probably  know longer like that place because. They know longer have it.

Big Apple Burger: This was the only double burger they had on their menu as I think had cheese and apple wood bacon. It was big. Did like getting double burgers. It was the biggest thing I think up to feel me up. Do order this burger. When they have it on their menu. Their are times it is still on their computer not on their menu. 

Those are the things I like no longer on their menu any more. Want them back on their. Always change their menus all the time. Their are good things on it should stay on their and things not as good on their should be taking it off. I got plans on wanting to do a review on Chili's and Ruby Tuesdays. Other two place's similar to Applebee's. Hope the main people in charge of running Applebee's right now would read this blog. Hope they bring some of those things back on their menu. Please check out my review on my channel Liem's Blogs Channel on YouTube and other things as well. 

Remember Something I am my own food critic and for now keep on eating! 


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