Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top 5 Masters of Horror episodes

Masters of Horror was a anthology series on Showtime. Where they have the most icon horror film makers such as Tobe Hooper, John Carpenter and John Landis where they all make a short for each episode. Haven't got to watch this series when it was on Showtime. Don't have any of the Showtime networks. Had watch them on Chiller. This are the 5 of the fave one's I like.

1, The Washingtonians

2, Jenifer

3, We all Scream for Ice Cream  

4, Family

5, The Black Cat

Those are my pick of the 5 Masters of Horror. Their are some more I like but didn't put them on here but maybe next blog I well. I been wanting to do this one some time around the month of October and the same with my Top fave Goosebumps books. If you want info you can just chick them out your self. They where on Netflix. But for now keep on Viewing and Happy Haunts!

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