Friday, October 19, 2012

Blood Soda the drink I have on Halloween

Every year in October all ways been making a thing of blood soda. Make it some time in the middle of October store it in the Refrigerator until Halloween to have this stuff. Been making it for a long time. To me it is a tradition for Halloween as carving Pumpkins and wearing a custom on this day. I make it a bottle like you see in the pitcher drink it out of one of the Halloween goblets I yous to get at a Wal-Greens. Been calling it blood soda because it is the color red. Maybe it dose not look or flow like blood. Do make with a big bottle. Yous to be shared with my close friends when I was back in Council Bluffs. Now I still make it just for myself to drink on that day. To make this stuff is vary simple you take any size of a glass bottle of some type with a top to put on. You take half of thing of Mt. Dew Code Red and Tropical Punch Kool-Aid. That's how you make it. Do experiment adding new things with it. Different kinds of Soda's and Kool-Aids. Don't really add any alcohol in it. But had try it by putting some Vodka in it. Din't taste really that good. I all ways make it the same way. In different parts of the year might just put some Code Red in my cup of Kool-Aid. Make the full stuff around the month of October.

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