Monday, June 25, 2012

Artemis are Harris Hawk

                                              This is a pitcher of Artemis in her water tub

Another bird of prey we got is Artemis a Harris Hawk. Harris Hawks are native to American southwest and all the way down to Mexico. They are probably one of the only birds of prey do hunt in packs. We had Artemis since back in 2006. Where the guy who fly's his eagle at the world series. Was giving his Harris Hawk to my dad. Over at the world Bird Sanctuary over in St. Louis, Mo. It has all kinds of birds of prey and exotic birds. Beside that we went pass by Six Flags there. Had some really good St. Louse BBQ. Her name was Apachy. But my mom dose not like it or even called her by that name. We re-name her Artemis after the Greek Goddess of the hunt or a charter from Wild Wild West. She make a screeching sound some times when some one past by. Did make a hissing sound. A girl once in the SCA calls her Darth Vader bird or Darth Bird. She has a sin full look. Has a different kind of beauty then what Vogel had a red tail we once had. Mom kinda did think Harris Hawks are Ugly. There are not as ugly like a vulcher. We still had have her right now. Living fine as as any other falconry bird. Doing more stuff about falconry and other things as well. If you have any to ask about any of the birds of prey, Falconry or some of my other blogs go a head and ask me a Question. I well try to answer them the best I can. If you ask me any kinds of falconry  or birds of prey I don't know. Ask my parents who are more of the falconers then I am. Just the one who helps out and takes pitchers of the birds. You can see Callie are Peregrine falcon and Ra'n are new Kestrel on my YouTube Channel. It is link on my other blogs I had did. Probably be doing some with Artemis soon. For now keep on Fallowing!

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