Thursday, June 21, 2012

SCA: 100 Arrow Shoot at Lilies War

                                      That is the 100 Arrow shoot with me shooting crossbow

I did a blog on Lilies war a week long event in the middle ages group. 100 arrow shoot is something I been doing every time when I was at Lilies some where back when I shooting re curve bow back some where in my teens. Been shooting it for a long time at Lilies. It is the simple's shoot. Where I shoot 5 and rounds arrow's per target. Since back in 2006 when my parents gave me a crossbow back from Gulf wars. Went to upgrade to crossbow. Shooting really good then what I had with re curve bow with the cross bow had to shoot smaller targets. It's the same way of scoring like for re curve and long bow. Made it a thew times in the finales. But never wen in the finales. This year at Lilies I had made it to the finales and every body who where camping where I was made it. Still haven't really won the finales but I had tide with a person who was a good archer. Well that is about the 100 arrow shoot. Even doe you are not shooting 100 arrows. Just shooting 5. It's called that because it add's up to a 100. Might be doing more things on the SCA soon. The firework show at Lilies has over a 100 views on my YouTube channel Liem's Blogs/YouTube for now Keep on Viewing.

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