Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ra'n are new kestrel

                                  This a pitcher of the Kestrel we got and my mother holding her

We had some Kestrel's in the past. From trapping them from the wild. First one we coat in the wild. Was name Page. We had to let him go because got him to spoiled never really got him to hunt. Had another one name Bo but had die from a gas leek when we move in the house in KC. Had one coat from the wild name it Drake but past away only had him for a short while. Kinda did sorta got a teach to him since I came up with the name. Now we got a female kestrel on the Wednesday at Lilies war in the SCA. That what my parents take the birds to these kind of things. Got her from a young girl who said she was part of raptor recovery. Gave us the kestrel. Did wanted to name it Paula because I think up a pretty girl that has that name. Did wanted to name it after one of the Charmed one's, charters from Buffy or True Blood. But they name her Ra'n. It's the Norse German word for thief. Because she stole are hearts. To me it's name of a female vampire with human emotions was based on a video game. Even doe that is spill's different. Now we all have 4 birds all ready. Sometime in the fall we might go to the mid part of Kansas try to catch a male Kestrel.

                                                     This is a clip of are Kestrel

Might be putting this clip of kestrel soon on my YouTube channel. For now you can see Callie are Peregrine falcon on their as well and other kinds of things. If you have any qusestions or a comment go ahead and put them down. I well try my best to answer them. For now keep on viewing!


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