Monday, June 18, 2012

Callie the peregrine falcon

My parents are license's falconers. Been in to it for 13 years. To them it's away of life. Most of the time I am not interested as I yous to be. More into it back when dad had Volgel it's German from bird of pray. She was are red tail since 1999 went back to the wild in 2010. We have other birds of prey such as a harris hawk, another red tail hawk, kestrel and especially a peregrine falcon name Callie. That's the bird in those videos she is a retied falconry bird. She is the one I like the most. I am the one who gives her food the most.   

                    Callie splashing around back in 2010. Was the last video I upload when I went back to upload in 2012.

                                       This is her eating, flapping her wings and quacking 

Those are the two Callie video's I got upload on YouTube. Might be doing some more birds of prey videos and things on birds of pray for now Keep on Watching!

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