Thursday, April 26, 2018

Independent Food Critic Thirsty Thursday Dew Berry Burst

It is a Thirsty Thursday where I share a drink to you where it is one of the Applebees non alcohol signature drink. That is Dew Berry Burst that is mostly Mt. Dew mix with raspberry syrup that is good if you are a MT Dew drinker that you like raspberry flavor. That is what I am after all that I also did a out of a moment Facebook Live video when I was at Applebees by having it that they need to stir the syrup a bit more. That is something I could do at home myself by adding raspberry syrup mix with Mt. Dew after all. It will be something I would get a few times again at Applebees as well. More post's soon. Also that I did a YouTube video of myself drinking one of the Deadworld Zomie sodas. What the most interesting man would say stay thirsty my friend and Keep on viewing after all!

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