Thursday, April 5, 2018

Independent Food Critic Thirsty Thursday MT Dew Ice

This is the first post of the month in April that it is a Thirsty Thursday where I share a drink that is on MT Dew Ice where it is a clear lemon lime soda that is one of the types of Mt Dew that it seems away to try to sell more of it in a different form of MT Dew that is mostly make it clear like the same with crystal Pepsi that was a discontinued it was from the early 90's that they try to sell it more by looking clear then brown and they had brought it back after all for a short time that their was a reason why that stuff had been discontinued that Mt. Dew is not really something that is going to last long any way. Just stick with Code Red after all for now. Even if I have not drink it as much as I had before. More post's out soon and For now keep on drinking! 

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