Christmas Tree Layout 2016

Last year from now started off doing a Christmas Tree Village with a train sit going around it. Did it again this year made some changes on it. Was using a big star on the tree this year and replaced it with a small star. Got the video of that one with the train going around it. Using figures from the stop motion Rudolf the Red nosed reindeer got them at Marshalls the day after Christmas. Got the winter house on the side. My mom had died in April have a keepsake urn of her place between to nutcracker solders gardening her. Thinking about lighting a candle by it on Christmas Eve a real one or a fake one. This is the Christmas Tree layout this year. Might do another one for next year? Do switch it around some things I am always going to have that train going around it. Since it is something I always like around Christmas time to have a train around a Christmas tree.
                                                   (Video with the Train going around it)

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Liem's Blogs.


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