Saturday, December 31, 2016

List of Liem's Blogs post's 2016

It is the last day of 2016. Got the other post's on Liem's Blogs that is not the Independent Food Critic post's. 2016 had not been a good year since my mom had died back in April same with the two pets we had. My mom was mostly the important one to me. Got about over 300 post's by now with a total with the Independent Food Critic Post's makes it by 62 with this one about 63. Got about 3 post's more then last year in 2015. Same amount as 2013. Not as much as 2012 when I started on this site.   
Another Top 10 movies that I like that every one dose not
Top 10 country's I want to go
A bit about Mardi Gras
Guitar Hero Live
Top 11 Steampunk movies
SCA Event: Gulf Wars 2016 A.D.
Top 10 characters in The Big Bang Theory
In Memory of are cat Sophie
In Memory of my mom Donna L. Brooks (Laura Ann Rose)
Top 20 movies from the 80's
Top 20 movies from the 70's
Top 20 movies from the 90's
Into R.C. Boat's
Into driving Silver Spyder with roof down
In Memory of Max one of are pugs
Top 5 Summer Movies 2016
Liem's Blogs 300th post
Top 5 Star Trek Technology
Halloween Blogs for the month of October 2016
Top Alien Invader movies
Halloween Layout
Top 13 Animated Disney Villains from movies
The Slasher Squad
Top Blood Sucking animals
The Last Halloween review
The Halloween Tree review
The Last 4 things I was for Halloween 2012 to 2015
Halloween 2016
List of animated characters I want to invite for Thanksgiving
Top 7 songs to listen to around Christmas
Christmas Tree Layout 2016
  Top 7 things around Christmas time when I was in School
Things I got for Christmas 2016
Those are the list of the Liem's Blogs post's I did in 2016. Hope 2017 well be a better year then 2016 was. Be doing more post's in that year. Have a Happy New Year!

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