Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No long have Callie

It's been months ago since around the summer from now. That my dad gave Callie are peregrine falcon. To a breeder. How need a bird. When I notice that dad hasn't. Been throwing me raw chicken breast to feed her for a while. I look all the why for her down stars and out side with the other birds of prey we got. Call dad about Callie on my Cell phone. Told me that she is with a breeder. I did like Callie. Was the one I mostly feed her. Did found her cute. Where she quacks kinda like a duck and slash's around like one in here water pan. Even doe she is the kind of bird to prey on ducks. She was retired falconry bird. Dose not have much yous to my dad. Since she dose not really hunt any more. Now she is with a breeder. Trying to make baby's. To a guy who really need a bird. We well probably not have Callie back. But might be getting another Peregrine falcon soon. I well miss having Callie around. She was the one I like the best out of the birds of prey we got.

                                       This is a video of her quacking and flapping around 

For now keep on viewing!

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