Monday, April 22, 2013

Dr. Sheldon Cooper shirts that I got

Dr. Sheldon Cooper is my Favorited characters on The Big Bang Theory even doe I called the show by that characters name by calling it Sheldon most of the time He He He! About Sheldon Cooper he has a high IQ is a Theoretical Physicist. Acts a bit like a robot and a child since he dose not really no sarcasm he is the best character ever in the show. Show you the 3 Sheldon Shirts I got right now.

Mostly the Sheldon shirts I got right now. Their is some of the one's I want with a him saying Is that sarcasm? I am a menu to your sarcasm. Their is one with another Character from the show I like where it had Howard Wolowitz in a space suit saying Fruit Loops on it that I want. For now I am still mostly living off this show by watching Current and re-run episodes. He dose act crazy on the show but his mother said that he got tested say he was not crazy. Don't really know where they got him tested. I well still keep on watching  and For now keep on viewing!

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