Monday, April 8, 2013

Top 10 World War 2 fighter planes

Since I am into airplanes right now. Been mostly into them since when I was a child. Going to rank up the top 10 fighter planes in World War 2. Let you know this is not going to be much on history. Pro War or anti war blog. Just me picking the 10 fighter planes they had in WW2. It was known for having Airplanes doing that time. Most of the one's I got are American planes, Two British planes, One German plane and one Japanese plane. Not really taking the sides we fight for. Just the top 10 on list of them.

1, P-51 Mustang

2, Supermarine Spitfire 

3, P-38 Lighting 

4, P-40 Warhawk

5, F4U Corsair 

6, P-47 Thunderbolt

7, Hurricane

8, F6F Hellcat

9, BF 109

10, A6M "Zero"

They are my pick's for fighter planes in World War 2. If you want to know about them more. Just look them up on any Search Site you go on the most. I well probably be ranking up the Top Bomber planes in WW2 and the top fighter planes in WW1. For now keep on viewing!

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