Friday, March 2, 2018

400th post on Blogger

This is the 400th post I have on Blogger right now that I made it up to 400 on this site that I been on this site to do blogging since March 2012 that I keep on Blogging by doing my Independent Food Critic reviews and other things that is with food as Independent Food Critic and other things that is by my interest. That mostly the ones I have on Facebook that notices my post's that I get recognized with it and not always have the highest views after all that I still keep on counting the post's, Maybe not as much as I used to do with the lack of ideas on post's and places to eat at and do reviews on them. Mostly now I do enlist one review as the Independent Food Critic in a month do make exception to do another one or two in the same month if I go out some place new that is worth reviewing about. Other things with Independent Food Critic that I do post's like Thirsty Thursday where I share a drink on a Thursday, Fried Food Fridays where I share something that is deep fried on a Friday and had did one Meaty Monday that I share something Meaty. I will do more of those soon to share something meaty not meatless to go vegetation on a Monday. The other post's is by what I am interest in that is mostly with RC Hobby's like drone flying and other things. Do write about some celebration days for a Cultural thing to get in to. Will got up to 400 post's on here and more to come that makes it over 400 and if I keep up with it I will get up to 500 post's of Liem's Blogs on Blogger. The theme I am mostly currently into doing now is a Steampunk Mardi Grass theme to it for now.

Happy 400 post on Blogger and Keep on viewing!

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