Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A bit about Dieselpunk


Since I am into steampunk right now that I am going to write about another sub-genre of Sci-Fi that is similar to steampunk with my own way what I know on it. It is on Dieselpunk where it is mostly in a alternate universe that takes place in the world wars that has advance machines with futuristic retro style that runs on diesel power. Their are some movies that are into the Diselpunk such as Raiders of the last Ark and mostly the other Indiana Jones movies that the original 3 do take place in the 1930's where the 2 is dealing with Nazis that in Raiders had a stealth plane in it from the Nazis. Mostly the 4th one Kingdom of the Crystal skull takes place in during the late 1950's. Also Mad Max Road Warrior, Beyond Thunder Dome and Fury Road are take place in a apocalyptic future that is mostly full of diesel power vesicles in the desert that dose not have any form of a World Wars in it. Also The Rocketeer is in the Dieselpunk where it is a unrated super-hero movie with a Jet Pack super Hero that the Nazi try to get the plans for the jet pack that he uses in this movie. Also The League of Extraordinary gentleman that is based from a British Comic Book that is both as Steampunk and Dieselpunk that takes place in 1899 that has a tank that was use in World War 1. Had a automobile they ride in and a Nautilus that Caption Nemo is a Caption of that is from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Mostly has characters from classic 19th Century novels all gather up as The League in the movie. Also Caption America First Avenger that takes place durinth World War 2 that is the first super hero in the MCU. That also Iron Sky where it takes place in the future that the Nazis been hiding on the moon since 1945 come down to Earth. Mostly the movies I can think up that is in with Dieselpunk. Mostly with Diselpunk is like the same with Steampunk that is another way that you can version History in a alternate universe mostly with the World Wars that takes someting like a old vintage car from the 30's, 40's and 50's that make it like if it hoovers or fly's that considered to be Dieselpunk. I discover about Dieslpunk over a year ago when I was into looking up on Steampunk that I got a thing of black with red lenses goggles on Amazon that where both into Dieselpunk and Steampunk that got me into Googleing about Dieselpunk that it is a alternate World War sitting with advance machines that has battleships that are airships and diesel power robots. Take Futuristic technology make it retro looking by running on Diesel power is Dieselpunk. The same with steampunk that is a alternate 19th century that takes advance machines that looks old fashion by running on steam power. Had ideas of myself like going as a Red Baron pilot as Dieselpunk by flying a plane that has the colors and looks by the Red Baron plane with a modern retro look with two propellers facing back on the wings of the plane is what I had idea of. Mostly like both into the Steam and Diesel punk that are ways to look at History in alternate way mostly like alternate history and do also like Cyberpunk as will that is a modern way to look at the future. Probably write about that soon? Cyberpunk and Steampunk are mostly main street now that Dieselpunk is not yet fully main street yet. With steampunk it is not always the easy thing explained about that you got to experience it your self. Still keep on leaning more about steampunk after all. I will be doing more post's soon and the next one is the 400th one on this Blog site. For now keep on viewing!

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