Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Independent Food Critic: Pettite Red Lobster Roll at Red Lobster

This is the review for March of this year from now. Where it is a certain thing I had got at the place again. Since it is during the season for lent that I got to do some sea food things. That today I had went to Red Lobster that I had their Pettite Red Lobster Roll that is one of it's new items on their menu for a while. Serve it as a appetizer or a lunch meal that I had got mine as a lunch meal gave me 2 as well since they had change it up. About the Lobster Roll it was alright that it is mostly has a lobster that is with some of the butter you normally dip lobster in. Mostly bread with that roll it is in. Serve it on of fake news papers to get that old authentic look to it. It is something all right to get for a lunch time or as a appetizer with the drink and the soup I got made it more expensive then something to get for lunch on the week days. For Pettite Red Lobster Roll 1 out of 5 I give it a 3 out of 5. I well be doing more post's soon and For now keep on eating!   

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