Monday, November 27, 2017

Top 7 stores in malls/shopping centers

With the Christmas season coming up that I will rank up my picks of the stores in malls and shopping centers. That malls are pretty much dying in the U.S. right now and only a few that are still thriving today. Going to be the 7 stores I pick out and no anchor stores like J.C Penny and Macy's that will be on another list. 

1, Five Below

2, Five at a Dime

3, Spencer's Gifts

4, Go, games and calendars

5, Hot Topic

6,  Yankee Candles

7, Bath and Body Works

Those are the 6 stores that are in malls and shopping centers not really my best pick that is my pick of them and that we are all be going out to do are Christmas Shopping. More post's coming out soon and for now keep on viewing!

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