Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

The Jack O Lanterns from this year
Had a few trick or treater's that came by that it was cold out that I was a undead pirate for Halloween this year. That I did watch horror movies from a bit of every sub-genre of horror each from different decades from 1920's to the current decade the 2010's. Did the spook post's on this site that I had shared them on a Halloween support group on Facebook. Got some feedback from them on some of the post's that October has the most post's that I do then any other month of the year for now. Friday the 13th was on October of this year that I did a post on it during that day. Got to go by Sour Castle in Kansas City, Kansas that it is a real life Haunted house. Got to go to Halloween Haunts at Worlds of Fun that I only went threw 2 mazes their. Did a Halloween layout as a séance table like what I did last year did a post on it as will. Did some photos as will on Instagram and link to Facebook that the photos on this page can be found on my Instagram. Got some photos from a couple of cemeteries close by that I did on the day before Halloween. It went really find a bit boring this year. Got a idea of some post's that I will do next year on my mind.
Myself as a Undead Pirate that I went as

Hope you had a Happy Halloween? Be doing one post for Thanksgiving this year and some for Christmas as will that I will have the Christmas Layout again for this year. For now keep on viewing and Have a Scary Day!

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